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7 Best Ideas to Decorate Glass Shelves in Living Room

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Space-saving options and ideas are an essential part of the minimalist modern home design. In this way, space saving furniture, shelving and floating glass shelves are going to be popular. In fact, it is really difficult to design a beautiful and functional home with a minimal theme. People set and decorate their homes but most of them get confused when it comes to decorating glass shelves. It doesn’t mean you need new decorative pieces. Glass shelves can be decorated with books, antique pieces, bottles, decorative jars, candles or even with your favourite collection. Check out these amazing ideas to decorate glass shelves in the living room.

Display Artwork On The Lower Shelves

One of the best ideas is to display beautiful artwork upon the shelves. People make mistake by placing artworks on the upper shelf. Consider adding the beautiful artwork pieces on the lower shelves that on the eye-level for the seated guests.

Showcase Your Favorite Collection

Living room decoration shows the owner’s taste and personality. It is a great idea to decorate glass shelves in the living by showcasing the favourite collection. Whether it is a collection of pictures, vases, bottles, frames, flower or any other item, place them on the shelves.

Add Pops Of Colors

Glass shelves give the opportunity to add colours in a monochromatic room. Add colourful and bright accessories or books to add beauty in the room. The bright coloured jars, flowers, books or artworks bring life in a simple room and the beauty of space.

Use jars As Decoration Pieces

Glass jars are a great option for decorating a space. Consider painting the jars with bold colours or match with the living room plate to nicely blend them in home decor. Another option is to fill the jars with ordinary pieces or decorative pieces such as pearls and seashells and make them a statement piece.

Add Some Vintage Objects

Some unique items like antique pieces can do a great job. So, collect some vintage object and consider adding them to the glass shelves to add a classic touch in the living room.  An old cigar box, rotary dial telephone, vintage clock, a bronze horse and other vintage finds look perfect.

Mix And Match Things

Open shelving gives a contemporary look to the house and it also allows to store different items. Try to mix and match different objects to add more interest to the living room. Consider placing accessories varying in size and height to keep the eye travelling. Such a combination of short, medium and long objects looks chic and interesting.

Add Sparkle And Shine

Another great idea is to style up shelves with crystal or glass objects to add shine in the room. Consider adding a mirror at the back of the shelf reflect brightness and double the space. Use silver, glass and crystal objects to decorate the shelves. They can be used as individual pieces or either paired with other objects to add sparkle in the living room.



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