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8 Stylish And Unique Ways To Tie A Scarf


8 Stylish And Unique Ways To Tie A Scarf

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Most women are hesitant to wear scarves because they are unsure about how to wear them in the correct manner. However, silk scarves are especially beautiful, and they can make you look very trendy and sophisticated in an effortless manner.

You can easily carry them with any outfit you own, irrespective of whether it is a beautiful dress or a simple combination of jeans with a tee shirt. It goes without saying that you need to know how to wear them well. The following tips will enable you to wear scarves and look you’re very best no matter what the occasion:

  • Colourful Scarf Around Neck

Add colour to your workday clothes with a beautiful long scarf. Wrap a colourful silk scarf around your neck to give your sober-looking office clothes a fantastic and unique look. You could drape the scarf from front to back or even wrap it around your neck with the two ends coming over the front of your outfit.

You could even tie the two ends in a loose knot for another look. A short silk scarf has to be tied in a neat and small bow on one side of your neck. Make sure that it is tied comfortably so that it does not impede your breathing.

You can also wear a custom printed scarf. Just hire the best custom scarves printing services and get your unique printed scarves for the special day.

  • Retro Look With Bandit Style

A casual outfit can be upgraded to cool appearance with a scarf tied around the neck bandit style. If you are going out for a drive, then you could cover your hair with it, adding a pair of retro goggles as well to complete the look. For a retro look, you must also try custom socks along with retro clothes.

  • Scarf As Headgear

Your scarf can also be worn as an unusual headgear for a different look. Depending on the occasion, you could wear it as a turban or headband. You could also wear it looped in your belt loops in place of your usual belt. For custom scarf pattern hire the best custom printing service, providers. They can also help you with custom socks printing.

  • Make Use Of Scarf Pattern

Making a simple loop around the neck with your card is a common way. However, you can bring various changes if you think creatively and make good use of the scarf pattern and texture.

For example, a green knitted scarf can be tied as usual, but the wrapping end may slightly change the angle. The other end can also be naturally hanging on the shoulder, so the scarf with a thick feel becomes quite comfortable. A small tricky tying detail can make a significant difference with the same scarf because the angle change shows the scarf patterns

  • Tie With Your Handbag

First of all, choose the custom scarf design and then find some magical ways to tie a scarf. The scarf can help you to change your entire look. Silk scarves can also be tied on the length of your handbag’s handle to transform its look. You could also tie a bow on your handbag using a small or long scarf.

  • Try Different Knots

There is another lazy way to tie your scarves, such as a grey scarf with a complicated knot. In fact, the knot itself is a decorated butterfly knot on the scarf, so a simple wrapping makes you ready to go. The most popular choice among all is the slip knot. It is really simple.

You just need to fold the scarf in half. Now, one half has loose ends, and the other is the middle point of the scarf. In the end, just put the folded scarf around your neck and slip the loose ends through another part. Thus, the name comes to play.

  • Flip One End To The Back

There is another way on how to wear your scarf, and that is to put it around your neck and then flip one end around toward your back. Still, another great way to tie it is by putting it around your neck back so that the loose ends are on your back.

After that, grab the left end of the scarf with your right hand and the right end with your left. Cross them back over so they are over your chest.

  • Creativity With Scarf Knot

Besides a simple knot for a long scarf, you can also make small changes. Fold the scarf into a half, and then pick the folded end with the left hand and another end with the right hand; twist the scarf for two rounds; wrap the beautiful scarf around your neck and put the end with tassels through the folded loop.

Final Words

One thing that you must remember about wearing scarves is never to wear it when you are sleeping. You may get strangled accidentally. Winter scarves can dress up an outfit and keep your neck warm.

Just follow these instructions on how to wear a winter scarf, and you will be able to sail through winter unscathed and in style.




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