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Har Ki Dun- A Must do Trek


Har Ki Dun- A Must do Trek

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Guarded by the Himalayas, the Indian state Uttarakhand has the power to kill the travellers with its incandescent beauty, lush green mountains, meadows, beautiful rivers and magical views. The state has uncountable visiting places. Thousands of tourists come here every year for sightseeing, trekking etc.

Trekking in Uttarakhand is a must-do adventure sport. The state trekking destinations, among them one is- Har Ki Dun.

Har Ki Dun is a trekker’s delight which will blow your mind with its snow-capped mountains, mesmerizing pathways, dense woods, orchids and rhododendrons.

Trek highlights-

  • Camping under the twinkling stars
  • Bonfire
  • A chance to come across Swargarohini Peak
  • A chance to visit Duryodhana Temple which is situated in Osla
  • An opportunity to know about the traditions of Uttarakhand
  • A never-will-come-again day to witness the eternal beauty of the setting and a rising sun

Who can do this trek-

Famous for its serenity and untouched natural beauty, Har Ki Dun is for everyone. From a 10-year-old child to a 65-year-old man, anyone is allowed to do this trek. However, consult your doctor to see if you are medically and physically fit or not.

Har Ki Dun is at an altitude of 11,675 feet and is 47 km long. The trek is a perfect getaway with friends, away from your city’s hustle-bustle.

Har Ki Dun is a unique experience. The only condition to do this trek is, the trekker shouldn’t be a heart patient or suffer from Asthma

Quick facts-

Region- The state of Uttarakhand

Maximum Altitude- 11, 675 ft

Distance to be covered- 47 km

Time- 4 to 6 days

Grade- Easy to Moderate

The starting point and Ending point- Sankri or Taluka

Nearest Railway Station- Dehradun

Nearest Airport- Jolly Grant Airport

Last ATM- Purola (before the beginning of the trek)

Best time to do the trek-

For a mountain-lover, any time of the year is the best time. But the best time to do this trek is during pre-monsoon and post-monsoon when it doesn’t start to rain and cold can be born.

In winter the temperature touches -5 degree celsius, and bring fog.

In monsoon, due to heavy rainfall, trails get slippery and injuries might happen. The temperature remains somewhere between 5 to 15-degree celsius.

Summer (pre-monsoon) is an ideal season. The nature at its best and the weather is pleasant. The temperature is ranging between 10-degree Celsius to 20-degree celsius.

How to reach there-

Sankari and Taluka are the starting point of the trek. You can start your trek from any of these two. Most of the trekkers start their trek from a small village Taluka which comes after Sankri ( a tiny village) and is 12 k distance away from Sankri.

To reach Sankri, you need to reach Dehradun. The distance between these two is of 180 km, which can be covered in 4 to 6 hours. Dehradun is well connected with all the major cities of India by Air, Train and Road.

You’ll easily get a bus or taxi from Dehradun to Sankri and Sankri to Taluka.

Things to carry-

As you know the journey is long and you will spend 5 to 7 days on the trail doing this trek, you need to keep all necessary belongings in your backpack because you will not get anything on the pathways.

  1. Hiking shoes- Water-resistant; Sneakers- As an extra
  2. Socks and gloves (each 2-3 pair)
  3. Winter jacket; Hiking pants, bottom pants and t-shirts
  4. Eatery supplements; Water bottles
  5. Plastic bag- To keep the wastage and store your dirty laundry
  6. Sleeping bag or tent- You can borrow these items from Dehradun
  7. Body wipes- As showers are limited
  8. Hand wipes- To keep yourself germ-free
  9. Cash- it’s most important, as you won’t get any ATM on the hill
  10. Trekking poles- Must bring
  11. Camera- To capture the beauty
  12. Powerbank- to recharge your phone
  13. Flashlight with extra batteries
  14. First aid kit (including band-aids)


  1. Respect the local traditions and cultures
  2. Follow your group leader’s instructions and try to be with the group all the time. If you want to walk alone, inform your group members
  3. If you’re travelling solo, be alert all the time
  4. Drink no alcohol- it keeps your body dehydrated which will bring no good while trekking
  5. Don’t smoke. Remember you are on vacation and need a stress-free environment


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