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Interesting Agra Fort Facts that Everyone Should Know Before Visiting.


Interesting Agra Fort Facts that Everyone Should Know Before Visiting.

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While in Agra, Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra fort is also one such monument that attracts lots of tourists from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East Countries and another part of the globe.

With thrilling history and some interesting Agra Fort facts that everyone should know before visiting. Read the intriguing story about some interesting Agra Fort facts that I have penned down in this article with a sheer intention to share information with the same alike curious mind.

Let us start with a few basic information that should help if you are visiting India and have plans to visit Agra not just for Taj mahal but also to visit this massive fort.

Best time to visit Agra Fort.

The best time to visit Agra is from October to March when the temperature is moderate and will be pleasant enough to walk all day long in a sunny bright day.


The Scheduled visiting hours are from morning from 6.00 A.M to 6:00 P.M.

Night Show at Agra fort

night show at agra fort

The night show inside Agra Fort is also an incredible experience, which ought not to be missed. During the light and music show, a well-acted story is performed in both Hindi and English language for 1 hour each. There are so many Agra Fort facts which you will get to know by the end of this article.

Entrance Fee:

The Entrance fee to Agra Fort has decided at Rs 550 during day time and Rs 750 during the night.

Elephant ride:

Tourists can also enjoy the Elephant ride while exploring the beautiful architect of this massive Agra fort.

Location of Red Fort:

The Red Fort is only 2.5km away from the Taj Mahal and both the prime monument are on the banks of Yamuna river. The Red Agra Fort is located centrally and is 15 min away from the railway station.

Architectural plan of Red Fort.

agra fort architectural plan

Agra Fort Architectural plan was built on a semi-circular design facing the river. The construction primarily focused on providing privacy and safety to the royal family, using some secret pavements to sneak away during an emergency. The interior of the Fort is beautifully embellished in Mughal designs and carvings. The entire fort is covered in the labyrinth of small gardens and courtyards depicting the clever mind of the architect. The present architect of Agra Fort is anticipated to be designed by King Akbar And Shahjahajn, his grandson, both connoisseurs of art. Continue reading to know some more fascination Agra Fort Facts.

Total Duration to Complete the Construction of Agra fort:

Even with more than 4000 workmen, the massive fort took 8 years to complete. The other prime monument taj mahal was completed in 14 years where 20, 000 labour were employed for its construction.

History of Agra Fort:

The year 1500:  Persian King Ibrahim Lodhi loved the place and initiated the construction of the Fort as its home. He also made Agra as his capital.

The year 1526: Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated by Mughal emperor Babur in the first battle of Panipat and the fort was possessed by the Mughal emperor. The possession of the grand fort continued to be with Babur’s successor Humayun till 1540.

The year 1540: The grandness and beauty of the fort attracted everybody’s interest. In the year 1540 Sher Shah Suri invaded India and did all it takes to possess this monument of obsession.

The year 1555: It is hard to let your prestigious possession go away. Same happened with Humayun. He again came with all his preparation after 15 years to recapture the fort but was not able to sustain the victory for more than 1 year.

The year 1557: Akbar the great, the Mughal emperor took the charge and shifted his capital from Delhi to Agra and captured the ancestral obsession, He upgraded the interior with red stones from Rajasthan and spent the rest of his life in the same fort.

The year 1623: Shah Jahan under his reign renovated the interior of the fort with his favourite White marble.

The year 1658: Aurangazeb, son of Shahjahan prisoned his own father in the lust of power and got the entire capital including the fort.

Early 1800: The fort was under the ownership of Jat rulers and even Maratha warrior for years till it was surrendered to a British company during their ruling era.

At present: Since independence, the Fort is under Government of India and taken care of by them.

Some other interesting Agra Fort facts to know:
  • Agra Fort is a recognised world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • Agra Fort is constructed over 94 acres of land.
  • Agra Fort walls are 70 feet tall.
  • Agra Fort has 4 gates out of which only Delhi Gate and Amar Singh are most popular.
  • Jahangir Palace, Sheesh mahal, Ghazni gate and courtyard like Diwan e Khaas, Diwan -e – aam are some other important features of the Agra fort.

Agra Fort is a massive structure which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, courtyards and massive walls with the riverside view. Enjoy the long heritage walk with your family an friends and amuse yourself with such an astounding story of this glorious monument. Hope you might have got enough Agra Fort facts by which you will feel energetic while your visit to Agra Fort.

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