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Why You Should get Wooden Pergola for your Home Garden?

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A pergola is a framework that supports the climbing plant. If you have a big home with a garden, you can beautify it with a wooden pergola that will help your climbers to grow in the right direction. Pergola is also used to create a walkway with a shade. Sometimes people use pergola as a link which is in between the pavilions. Manufacturing companies are making modern wood-based pergola range using materials like- wood, aluminium, fibreglass, and cellular PVC.


What types of pergolas ruling the market?

The marketers are selling different types of pergolas. In general, there are three types-

  1. Single pergola
  2. Double pergolas
  3. Corner pergolas

The single pergolas are ordered by people who want to use it as a screen divider to separate parts of the room to maintain privacy.

The double pergolas are ideal for creating sunbathing sites during summer time. A consumer can get this type of pergolas in different widths, such as 1.8m, 2.4m, 2.7m, etc.

Corner pergolas are attractive and perfect for a garden installation. People with home and a garden can get corner pergola in dimension – 4.2 m by 2.2m by 2.3m.

Why it’s better to opt for a wooden pergola?

The wood-based pergola offers a list of benefits which will be discussed further-

  • Easy installation and maintenance – When you visit any dealer offering wooden pergola, you will find that these products are way cheaper to build. Also, these products are easy to maintain
  • It offers elegant visual interest – Imagine your climbers bloom flowers that are growing up and down the posts running vertically. This will beautify your area and give a scenic look to the bypassing people. Hotel owners can think about having such a great accessory add-on to attract more tourists.
  • Big wooden pergola maximizes the space outdoor. You get the area outdoor to place your furniture. You can do it if one of the pergola posts is linked to the door or corner of the house. You get shelter from the rain outdoors.
  • Pergolas kits are available at a low price – If you find no resource to build a pergola for your space, you can still have an option of pergolas kit which is DIY and available at affordable price.

Just make sure that when you opt for a wooden pergola, you require good maintenance to expand its lifespan. If your wood based pergola is damaged and not protected against termites then your whole garden will be at great risk.



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